Save the dates

Well we finally got our butts into gear and organised or 'Save the Dates' for the wedding.  As you could probably tell by my instagram page we are a soccer family.  I personally, growing up never had heard of soccer.  I was raised around Footbal (AFL/VFL), Cricket and Rugby. So obviously after meeting my fiancé … Continue reading Save the dates


That question that comes up as soon as you have a ring on your finger! Who's your bridesmaids?  Whoooo it's like step back a minute and let me enjoy being engaged first. It's that awkward 'I dont know yet' answer that makes you think do you need to make a decision straight away? My answer … Continue reading Bridesmaids

Things are starting to feel real. …

You know that feeling of uncertainty? I was so nervous meeting my Wedding Dressmaker...not sure why but I guess it was more of a mixed emotion feeling. Being a new bride-to-be I was unsure about my body shape and will she be able to invision my idea I have in my head.  Should I have'd … Continue reading Things are starting to feel real. …

Say YES to the dress

I'm so excited (ok more than excited) that I have come to a final decision about my dress!  As much as I loved all the dresses I tried on,  I found that I couldn't really adjust the designs to how I really wanted my dreamy dress to look like. So I called up D'Italia in … Continue reading Say YES to the dress

Wedding dress Shopping

The most exciting part of the wedding I must say.  Especially if you are fresh off the bat and have no idea what style suits you! I had many ideas on Pinterest (but seriously on size 6 girls) they all looked amazing.  Reality check I'm not a size 6 but I'd love to lose a … Continue reading Wedding dress Shopping