Wedding dress fitting

My first ever calico fitting since my original measurements with my dress maker. I have been on this Maxines Challenge for a good 5 weeks now and since eating healthy and working out you just don't realise how much your body can change.  Well putting on my calico dress was the exciting part.  It needed … Continue reading Wedding dress fitting

Reception ideas

To some guests intricate details are what catches their eye at your wedding, and some don't really care.  The most important thing to remember is that it is your wedding and though you'd like to wow your guests it's what you can afford that matters. You can spend big and regret it afterwards or you … Continue reading Reception ideas

My Weight Journey

Start of the year this Target dress was rising up my butt! It would barely go over my thighs. It was a struggle to get into and since Feb I have tried to loose weight. I followed the 5:2 diet which i used more to control my calorie intake and be more aware of what … Continue reading My Weight Journey

Wedding bands

Went to see the lovely Emma from @temellijewellery Highpoint to look at our next exciting thing. .......Wedding bands. Definitely a hard decision for my fiancé with all the range out there for guys these days. I couldn't believe it.  Different polishes, cuts, stones,  puzzles, colours; I'm glad this one is his department, because this one … Continue reading Wedding bands

Save the dates

Well we finally got our butts into gear and organised or 'Save the Dates' for the wedding.  As you could probably tell by my instagram page we are a soccer family.  I personally, growing up never had heard of soccer.  I was raised around Footbal (AFL/VFL), Cricket and Rugby. So obviously after meeting my fiancé … Continue reading Save the dates