Beauty Advent Calenders 2020

You know your girl here, loves beauty Advent Calenders! To me, it’s the excitement of a new surprise everyday leading up to Christmas Day! The urge to resist….ooohhh it’s so tempting to have a tiny sneak peak. 

An Advent Calender must have 24 to 25 surprises. I mean what’s the point of having anything less, right!?

I missed out on my favourite Look Fantastic one this year. However, I did find other Calenders that are affordable, 24 days and ticks all the boxes for variety!

Below are my fav affordable to high-end Advent Calenders for 2020.

Amazon Beauty Advent Calender offers goodies ranging from skincare to make-up.  I’m not going to dig to deep into this one, because I don’t want to spoil it for myself.

ASOS – Revolution Beauty Advent Calender $80

Featuring items like eye shadows, lip glosses and make-up tools. Not to mention most a full sized products!!

NYX Diamonds & Ice Advent Calender  $80

This limited-edition calendar is jam packed with beauty products, from lip sticks to liquid illuminators!

Sephora Wild Wishes Advent Calender $100

A great selection of Sephora’s range of beauty, bath and make-up products.

24 Days of Clinique $175

Sorry for spoiling the fun, but they had no pics of just the box! A selection from skincare to make-up pieces, in this Clinique advent calender!

Make it Real Together Body Shop Advent Calender $250

Featuring some of Body Shops favourite products ranging from masks, face oil, shower gel and all accessories. Your bound to come away smelling amazing!

YSL Advent Calender  $420

Only 2 full sized products in this YSL Advent Calender. Products include make-up and perfume, but is it really worth it for the price tag?

Giorgio Armani Advent Calendar price $560

Bougee surprises, here you have it. Little trinkets ranging from make-up to fragrances from GA. You do get 6 full sized products though!

Talking about High-end, luxurious, bougee a$$ Advent Calenders, I’m yet to see anything that tops last year’s $122k Tiffany calender.

But let’s not forget the $1m (yes million) Porche Design Advent Calender in 2010, that had a boat in one of the boxes and a customisable Porsche Design Kitchen.

And did we forget about the $1.7m 2010 Octagon Blue Advent Calender, with 24 diamonds. Only 81 carats in total, but who’s counting.

Please let me know if you find this years one!


Donna_Riama xo

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