Your skin will thank you…..

Science-backed skin therapy; through skin care.

Ever since lockdown, my purchading choices have shifted. Supporting Australian businesses where I can.

I’ve been given the amazing opportunity to trial @efaniskincare new Healthy Glow skincare range.
They’re an Australian based skincare company who want to keep your skin care clean and simple.

I mean that’s what it should be right!?

They use natural ingredients which are cruelty free, eco-friendly packaging and 100% carbon neutral courier process.


My Skin Type – Dry/Combination

The three products are from the Healthy Glow Range:
1. Face Serum 30ml
2. Face Cream 45ml
3. Face Oil 30ml

If you are looking for H Y D R A T I O N this is the product for you.
As well as being Australian made 🇦🇺, natural ingredients and eco friendly, the formulas definitely deliver that soft feeling. They have a slight rose scent, so if weren’t a fan of the smelI, don’t buy them.

Three step process ~ Use the Serum & Cream in the morning and all three at night.
•The serum quickly absorbs into my skin, it’s great! I wish it came in a bigger bottle, because I can see this being the first one I’ll need to reorder.

•The cream is a great all rounder, leaving my skin feeling hydrated all day.

•During the weeks, I discovered that I only need 1 pump of face oil at night. The 30ml will last awhile. (Which is great)

While I’m in lockdown since trialling these products, I’m yet to see how it preforms in an office environment or out in Nature for long periods of time.

Definitely a great range from @efaniskincare at affordable prices too !!
Would highly recommend for skin types Oily to Combination.
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If you would like to support an Australian business, head to ⬇️

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