My #Tweenager


By the name, you probably think it’s something to do with Teenagers and you’re half right.  A word that I just learnt not to long ago. (Yes hiding under a rock!)  It’s the terminology of a 10 to 12 year old child who has entered the “in between” years before becoming a Teenager. Basically, for me it means the attitude has already started to show and you can’t call them a moody teenager yet.

I see a lot of baby pictures and questions on Instagram and I have mumma envy! Who can I rant to that can relate? So I’m blogging about it.

My 12-year-old isn’t too bad yet, but there are signs of him slowly slipping away from him being a mummies boy…. (Insert big cry)

And I believe that pivotal moment was when he started the Tweenager slang.   It was LOL this and LOL that; even writing it in the dew on my car.  Oh and not to forget calling his brother Dude!

I was left puzzled, who was this boy with all this sass.  Then I remembered, my baby is in Secondary School now and kissing your mum goodbye in the morning was embarrassing.  I still get a kiss on the lips when no one is around, but a kiss on the cheek when he spots a class mate.  My friends say I’m actually quite lucky, because their kids refuse to even kiss them goodbye.

We are very lucky our tweenager was only given a mobile phone this year and that he only uses it for calling my hubby and I.  This was the best thing we could have done to try to keep him socially active and not reaching for his phone and than to stare at the screen during our conversations.   But mind you, he is way more tech savvy then us!

I do feel a little guilty that I take advantage of “Can I play the Playstation?” question.  I always have something to do around the house.  Clothes washing, emptying the dishwasher, taking the rubbish out, cleaning bedrooms…the list is endless.  Believe it or not, the Playstation question gets all this done without any smart remarks.

But with everything that my husband and I are experiencing with our boy as he ventures into the teenager years, he continually surprises us with his evolving taste in music, his funny witty humour and his carefree spirit.

We love watching his confidence grow and are so proud of the person he is.

If you also have any Tween/Teen, I’d love to hear about your experiences you are going through.


Lots of love


Donna_Riama xox



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