My Big Surprise – Pre-Planning

Hubby and my youngest son Cruz were off to Europe.  Over a months long soccer trip that was going to be an experience in a life time for Cruz, training at some of Europe’s best soccer academies (as well as hubby experiencing europe for the first time).  There was an option for the whole family to go as well, but pulling Jorde out of school for three weeks wasn’t ideal for me.  Especially as he just started year 7,  I couldn’t justify pulling him out for 3 weeks just to watch his brother train and play.

I took 2 weeks off annual leave for the school holidays, as the boys would have been away over this period as well.  I thought perfect, mummy 1 on 1 time with Jorde…what can we do?  I offered Jorde to take him to Japan, as he loves drawing and he is currently studying the Japanese language at school.  Nope, he didn’t want a bar of it.  I then offered to take him to the Gold Coast in Queensland, to go to the theme parks up there.  Nope, doesn’t like rides!  Man this kid didn’t want to do anything,  and I had a suspicion as to why.  FORTNITE – those are dirty words to me.  If your child plays Playstation, it is an addictive game where you team up with your friends online, shoot other players and be the last man/group standing.  You can chat (scream more like it) to your friends while you play, you don’t eat, forget to go to the toilet and you don’t listen to your parents!  Fun right?!  I knew this is what I was facing for the school holidays, and no way was I having a bar of “Can I play Fortnite?”

So a week had gone by, the boys had just finished their soccer leg of Croatia and I was missing them like crazy.  I started looking at prices to fly to Spain for the school holidays, as this is where the boys would be.  The flights were pricey for 2 weeks, especially because we would lose a day in flying there and school holiday rates. Was it worth it? Hmmm,  I was looking at $7K for 2 weeks, I don’t think so.

I then thought, maybe I can ask work for a couple of extra days annual leave. We can SURPRISE them at the start of their last leg of the soccer training! I do have a bit up my sleeve to use and there was no harm asking.  If we left outside of school holidays, the pricing dropped by a few hundred dollars.

It was approved ✔ and I was like shit batman, it’s real I need to get my arse into gear and organise it.  I called up the flight agency my husband used for his “Spain to London” trip, and got his itinerary. I then approached my friend’s daughter Darcie who works at Flight Centre.  She was amazing, helped me plan my trip to match up with my husbands existing plans.  If I found a cheaper price somewhere than what she quoted, she was able to match those prices.  Our trip including insurance just came to over $6K for 3 weeks, not bad.

Perfect, everything was coming together and hubby had no clue.  I had tried booking the same apartments they were staying at, but there was no availability on-line.  I contacted Mercedes Heritage Barcelona Apartments directly, and they were so accommodating! Putting my son and I in the same room! I’m thinking to myself…..this is awesome it’s all falling into place!

There was one problem – Jorde.  How was I going to tell him, knowing his reactions so far from my previous holiday proposals?!  I planned to tell him the day we flew out and use that as a surprise treat as well. In my head I was going to say, “Guess what Jorde, SURPRISEEEEE we are off to Spain today!”

It didn’t work out, Jorde busted me the day before we were due to leave, checking in online the day before we were due to leave.  He had a melt down! Started bawling his eyes out.  I decided I’d leave him alone and give him his space while he calmed down.  An hour went by, and he was due to go to Art School.  I needed a solution.  I approached him and asked nicely, “Why are you upset, talk to me?”  He stood there sniffing up his runny nose. Silence. Nothing.  He walked away not even looking at me.  I’m thinking great, this is going to be a tough one.  I even told him that his teachers have already been notified and that you were all approved to miss the 1 week left before school holidays. Nothing.  I caved, and said that he could play Fortnite until we left on Sunday.  Oh my goodness, the turn around in his mood was astonishing. I also knew, if he played for long hours into the night, he’ll be super tired for the plane ride.

Great Jorde was on board.  Next issue, hubby!  Calling me every morning and night, because he missed me like crazy (a big awwwwww moment)!  How was I going to get him not to call me and panic that I wasn’t answering?  With Jorde on board, I thought lets go to the movies and take a picture out the front and pretend that we are going to a late night session! I would then post it on Facebook, knowing he wouldn’t call knowing we were at the movies!  But really we were at the Airport!  His mum and my brother were all on board. Man, I’m a genius!  Next I told him that work had called me up for an early meeting Monday morning because something major has happened.  Morning excuse ✔ check!

Sunday night…..we were off to Spain!

To be continued…………

Jorde & I at the Airport

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