July I was in a rut! I needed inspiration on what to wear.  I needed to change my outfit posts up a bit, without going out and buying a whole new wardrobe.

I rely heavily on drawing outfit ideas from social media, because my creativity in style is definitely not my strongest point.

The one thing I do know, is that my personal style is in between #Sportsluxe & #Casual. (Well on the weekend and after work). Since being a mum to very active boys, comfort has taken a precedence over anything.

I put my thinking cap on and remembered I had previously participated in Instagram Style Challenges before.  I saw that a gorgeous mumma _clothedstyling_ had put up a challenge a few weeks back and I thought, hey she seems like a cool chic, I’m going to DM her.

OMG Colleen was so lovely and welcomed my idea to run a challenge together, with open arms.  I didn’t give her much notice, but she was so excited to work together!

We brain stormed the daily challenges overnight, and had one day up our sleeve to start taking some pre-shots.  I’m sorry, but yes most of my outfit posts are done on the weekend as I don’t have enough hours during the weekdays.

Then before we knew it, it was day 1.  We had some amazing ladies join in on the daily challenges, but Colleen was a trooper.  If we had days where we were stuck on ideas, we’d message each other for support.  Out of this challenge, I can say I have made a true Insta pal!

Here are the pictures from DAY 1 to DAY 31

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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