My Big Surprise – Pre-Planning

Hubby and my youngest son Cruz were off to Europe.  Over a months long soccer trip that was going to be an experience in a life time for Cruz, training at some of Europe's best soccer academies (as well as hubby experiencing europe for the first time).  There was an option for the whole family … Continue reading My Big Surprise – Pre-Planning

Meal Kits / Ready Made Meals

  We have all heard about the new craze that has hit dinner tables all over the world.  Australia were slow to get on board, but now that it is here - families, singles and honestly anyone who can't be bothered cooking are joining the band wagon.  And yes, hands up that was me.  The … Continue reading Meal Kits / Ready Made Meals

Arctic Elk

I love supporting handmade businesses! Having the patience and skills for putting an idea to life, is truly commendable.  Krystal from Arctic Elk approached me after I had seen a photo of hers on Instagram, that brought back my child hood memories!  Scrunchies on a paper towel holder!  I was like whoa - this is cool! … Continue reading Arctic Elk


July I was in a rut! I needed inspiration on what to wear.  I needed to change my outfit posts up a bit, without going out and buying a whole new wardrobe. I rely heavily on drawing outfit ideas from social media, because my creativity in style is definitely not my strongest point. The one … Continue reading #AugustStyleChallenge