Mum Life the Label

I’ve been a Brand Representative for Mum Life the Label for 3 months now. It is an Australian business owned and operated by the gorgeous & sexy mumma, Haley.

Not only does she handcraft personalised slogan t-shirts, jumpers and hats, she also has a massive support group behind her! Including me. See, with #mumlifethelabel, once you join #MumLife ™ BR team, you are automatically surrounded by empowering and inspiring women. With 3 children as well, I seriously don’t know how she does it, while also keeping up with demand!

As I work full time, I don’t get much time to chat in the #MumLife ™ group. But when I get a chance to say hi, I feel the love and support straight away.

Haley helped me design these awesome soccer tees for the whole family ⇓

Please, do yourself a favour….go check her page out. MumLifetheLabel

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