Personalise your wedding day

From day 1 when creating our save the dates, we made sure that soccer was somehow included in the theme of the wedding.  Yes I was set to become a “Soccer Wife for Life.”

Who knew 14 years ago I didn’t even care about the game with a round ball. Now as I sit on my couch..I look around the house and can see 10 soccer balls plus two ball bags filled with at least 9 balls in each! (And don’t be rude) lol

That’s our family.  Very sport orientated. We love AFL and Rugby however soccer takes up 6 days of our week. So its only fair to say we are a Soccer family.

We came up with an idea for our photos after the ceremony…why not have personalised soccer tops. Something fun and different. Obvioisly it’s who we are. One would be husband and the other wife, oh and 2016 for the year married but spilt in half.  My husband already knew where we could get them done. It was easy as that and turn around time was 2 weeks.



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