Wedding Dress

It feels like forever since my last post! It has been an amazing couple of months leading up to the wedding and post wedding. I actually feel like something is missing now and I feel slightly lost.

Let’s start off with my dress.  Of course the most important part of the wedding. hehehe

I was truly blessed with such an amazing (AMAZING) designer.  Her attention to detail and passion for all her designs was second to none. I had a vision and I can honestly say she made it come true.  I had several calico fittings prior to the actual material of the dress was formed.  Friends of mine couldn’t believe that she put so much effort into the calico!  That just shows how precise Andrea wanted the dress to fit.  As mentioned in earlier posts, I went to D’Italia in Malvern to help me create some vision brewing in my head. I wanted something from J’Aton designs but mixed in with Steven Khalil designs.  I was all over the shop!  The ladies at D’Italia assigned me with Andrea Gorrie, and I couldn’t have asked for anyone better. Honestly ladies, the price for my dream dress compared to a J’Aton designer couture gown…..I’m stoked I paid maybe a third of what a “J’Aton” couture dress would have been. Andrea made it fit like a glove and the boning and structure did not fail.  I am proud to say, this was my design and Andrea brought it to life! You know what….  I really wish I had another occasion to wear it 😦


Dress by Andrea Gorrie for D’Italia Fabric

Photo Credit Hakan Dalar

Make up Blackdiamond Muartistry

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