Budget Bridal wedding tips

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, I’ve been so busy with wedding things and it’s just been crazy. Crazy I tell ya!

Getting married would be so easy if you were a millionare. It’ll be stress free and you wouldn’t be worried about the price of things! With the up and coming nuptials, it crossed my mind that maybe just maybe I should be looking into preparing my skin for the big day.

I had a lovely voucher for Endota spa from my dad and my brother. Prefect! I could use this to start my facials. I called the spa and asked what the best way was to get my skin glowing for the big day.  They suggested to have some sort of glycolic peel. Sure I said!  $120 hmmmm this better be good because my voucher was for $150 and honestly a nice massage would have been better. 
So my appointment was at 9am and I was told to come in 15mins early as I hadn’t been there before. Sweet, so I turned up at 8.45am and the door was locked.  Standing outside like a lost puppy, a staff member had turned up to work and let me in.  To my surprise her boss was inside, and preceded to lecture her staff member about letting me inside.  Mind you I could hear everything.  As her boss walked towards me, I apologized and told her I was advised to come in early.  The boss lady then told me it wasn’t my fault. Definitely not off to a good start for a facial. Anyway I could go on further about the boss, but to cut it short.
… the peel was mediocre and the ambiance of the whole place was below spa expectations. I was told to see the full result of the peel,  I’d have to come back several more times.  Um sorry this bride is on a budget and I can’t afford that,  especially when my first experience at that particular spa was dissapointing!

So after all that drama,  my favorite favourite favourite moisturizer by Dr. Dennis Gross from Mecca has a 14 day peel challenge!  For $70 you get two different strength peel wipes and a little jar of their moisture cushion cream. I have honestly used it for five days straight and my skin feels amazing!!! Can’t wait to show you all before and after pics! For now here is a five day picture difference. No filters taken, the same time of day in the same spot. An obvious glow is starting! Watch this space xxx


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