Wedding Invites

What comes to mind when you plan a wedding? MONEY! And for people like us who are funding the wedding, it’s all about money money money! !!

Shit is getting real when your details of your day have been finalised and you can start designing your invites.

Our colours of the night are White, Black and hints of Silver….so why not incorporate those into the invites. I’m loving the whole foil look and Silver was perfect. I had seen a few Australian designers on instagram and pinterest but the quotes for what I liked were SKY HIGH and just not in our budget at all. Actually if i went back to my fiancé with the prices he would have literally killed me.

I stumbled across on the Web a US company called Wedding Paper Divas. OMG they had everything and I was in heaven. Luckily I had a vision of what I liked and I could request a sample of the design.  I was very surprised WPD (I’ll shorten it) had sent the sample with UPS and it was here in Australia within days. They had not only sent a sample of the design I liked but different types of paper and fonts to choose from. I was impressed. 

So I sat down with a glass of wine and away I went. I started modifying the design to my liking and I was guaranteed a designer from WPD would proof read it before I went ahead with the final product. Any suggestions or questions I had emailed (and there were a few), WPD had answered them within 24hours. The site even offers other products to make your set complete.

The turn around time was just under 3 weeks. Price I was quoted from Australian companies were near the $2,000 mark.  WPD price $250 including envelopes. Here’s a close up of the finished product xx




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