My Journey to be stronger, healthier and leaner

It’s been 7 weeks and 5 days since the start of the Maxines challenge and all my workouts have been at home. I’ve used your standard hand held weights, a bar bell, a step as my bench and a kettle bell; while watching you tube exercise videos. With my life being so busy right now there is definitely no time for the gym.  Work has been crazy and I’m not even getting a break away from my desk. This challenge I’ve done it all by myself. The last attempts were with my fiancé and we failed miserably. This time I have a major goal with the wedding coming up and that’s what’s made me focus. I have had major CBF moods and what I love about this challenge is the constant support from others who are doing the challenge too.
So my take on what this 12 week challenge is:
✖It’s a high protein diet planned out for you weekly and changes every month. It consists of using their brand  (but not limited too) supplements and when you should be taking them.
✖ Your workout sessions are catered for the gym or at home and is planned monthly for you; which includes weights and cardio. This is also changed every month.
✖Links to workout tips and constant support from either the health coaches or social media. 

I have had a few cheat meals but all in all i have remained strong and stayed to the plan.

So here are my progress shots, side view and my back view

Love & Memories – Donna x

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