My Weight Journey

Start of the year this Target dress was rising up my butt! It would barely go over my thighs. It was a struggle to get into and since Feb I have tried to loose weight. I followed the 5:2 diet which i used more to control my calorie intake and be more aware of what … Continue reading My Weight Journey

Maxines Challenge 2015

Joined an awesome challenge held in Australia called the Maxine and Maxs Challenge. They hold it maybe two times a year for 12 weeks and provide nutrition and workout guides. it's free!  You do have to purchase their products though to be eligible to be a winner.  However in saying all that, you are … Continue reading Maxines Challenge 2015

Wedding bands

Went to see the lovely Emma from @temellijewellery Highpoint to look at our next exciting thing. .......Wedding bands. Definitely a hard decision for my fiancé with all the range out there for guys these days. I couldn't believe it.  Different polishes, cuts, stones,  puzzles, colours; I'm glad this one is his department, because this one … Continue reading Wedding bands

Comfy mummy wear

Ladies I have found the ultimate, comfy, hide your bits, clothing/intimates store. Bella B Wear has definitely kept mummas in mind when designing their range, with styles making us feel like a foxy vixen again.  I just forgot a purchased this amazing dress a while back. ...and it was lost in my wardrobe. It can … Continue reading Comfy mummy wear