Make yourself feel girly

Feeling girly can be sometimes hard.  Especially if your a mum and don't have time to yourself in the mornings. Surprisingly little things can make you feel a whole lot more prettier. I love my Victoria Secrets body spray,  lotion and perfume.  My god do you get compliments on how good you smell? !? So … Continue reading Make yourself feel girly

Say YES to the dress

I'm so excited (ok more than excited) that I have come to a final decision about my dress!  As much as I loved all the dresses I tried on,  I found that I couldn't really adjust the designs to how I really wanted my dreamy dress to look like. So I called up D'Italia in … Continue reading Say YES to the dress

Wedding dress Shopping

The most exciting part of the wedding I must say.  Especially if you are fresh off the bat and have no idea what style suits you! I had many ideas on Pinterest (but seriously on size 6 girls) they all looked amazing.  Reality check I'm not a size 6 but I'd love to lose a … Continue reading Wedding dress Shopping