Sensitive Skin

I love telling this story to people! Definitely one to remember.
Cruz my youngest was born in September. I had stayed home with my eldest Jorde for at least a year till Cruz was born, as they are only 18 months apart.  As a growing family, bills had to be paid. Six months later I thought I’d start looking for a job and get some adult time. (But I could really go back to being a full time mum) Scored an interview straight away; this was nerve racking all ready, it couldn’t have been this easy?
One day between feeding the baby and entertaining a toddler; a couple of days before the interview I decided to flick through a magazine. I found a sample of Palmers Cocoa new face cream.  Yep smeared it all over my face.  Later that day my eyes felt a little puffy….thought nothing of it.  I woke up the next morning and my eyes looked like I had been hit by a bus and my cheeks were the same level as the bridge of my nose! Went straight away to the doctors to get a antihistamine injection. Bugger…I was going for my interview in a couple of days! I had to call up to delay the interview for a week. Can you imagine them saying, “wow that’s a new one,  haven’t heard that excuse before. ”  Moral of the story,  always try before you buy xxxx

In saying that, this amazing Del Mar Face and body mud is made with a lot of thought.  It’s so smooth and effortless to put on! Super clean application, there were no rough stones or grittiness. A little bit goes a long way. There was o nasty smell and when rinsing it off the mud just melted away. Perfect for a busy mumma like me. I have not been paid in promoting this product.  I can truly say with my sensitive skin, it feels so soft and radiant after one use.  Great work Del Mar. Xxx



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