That question that comes up as soon as you have a ring on your finger! Who’s your bridesmaids?  Whoooo it’s like step back a minute and let me enjoy being engaged first. It’s that awkward ‘I dont know yet’ answer that makes you think do you need to make a decision straight away? My answer is simple.  NO..Take your time to enjoy your engagement and don’t cave to pressure.
Our wedding party is not going to be big.  Definitely our two boys will be standing next to my fiancé and whoever he picks.  I decided to have two Bridesmaids with no ‘Maid of honour. ‘ I wish I could’ve asked a few more ladies but I have asked two ladies I consider my bestfriends to stand by my side. The reason only Bridesmaids, was that I consider them both the same and I feel there is really no ‘title’ better than the other. Yes one needs to sign the papers but…a signature really? ?? You could be totally different than me and decide you want to have a Matron of honour. I say if you want one go for it. It’s your wedding lovelys, try not to think about what others think.   My Bridesmaids and I truly have some awesome memories growing up. Living off a diet that only included McDonald’s Chips, Mayo and a diet coke. Doing ‘Chap Laps’ up and down Chapel Street. (Can’t believe I just admitted that).  As we got older we found ourselves in relationships, we travelled overseas, moved out of our postcodes and didn’t see each other much.  It happens to everyone, but true friendships last no matter the distance between them. Now, when we do see each other its honestly like where we picked off and I couldn’t think of life without them . There’s no rule on how you choose your Bridal party, just go with your heart.
I gave each of them a little gift when asking them. ..It wasn’t a bribe truly!!


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