Things are starting to feel real. …

You know that feeling of uncertainty? I was so nervous meeting my Wedding Dressmaker…not sure why but I guess it was more of a mixed emotion feeling. Being a new bride-to-be I was unsure about my body shape and will she be able to invision my idea I have in my head.  Should I have’d picked another design? ! You know I’m not a size 6 and the designs I had looked at in magazine’s fitted them to a tee. Probably being silly, but they were my feelings.

Meeting Andrea made all those feelings go away and I started to get more excited once we were talking about the stages of the dress and also her input of how we can make it an amazing dress.  She is so humble and looking at some of her designs in the making,  I know I am in the right hands. Really looking forward to the next stage in calico. :mrgreen:Oh course I had to dress up for the occasion 💌👰💍💎💐💒



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