Sensitive Skin

I love telling this story to people! Definitely one to remember. Cruz my youngest was born in September. I had stayed home with my eldest Jorde for at least a year till Cruz was born, as they are only 18 months apart.  As a growing family, bills had to be paid. Six months later I … Continue reading Sensitive Skin

Young Mum

Hands up✋I'm one of those mums that shops at the youngsters stores,  like Supŕe and Dotti. When I walk into some of these stores, their staff sometimes look at me thinking 'what the hell is she doing in here? ' you know what honey anyone can rock your outfits.  If you want a sale then … Continue reading Young Mum


That question that comes up as soon as you have a ring on your finger! Who's your bridesmaids?  Whoooo it's like step back a minute and let me enjoy being engaged first. It's that awkward 'I dont know yet' answer that makes you think do you need to make a decision straight away? My answer … Continue reading Bridesmaids

Things are starting to feel real. …

You know that feeling of uncertainty? I was so nervous meeting my Wedding Dressmaker...not sure why but I guess it was more of a mixed emotion feeling. Being a new bride-to-be I was unsure about my body shape and will she be able to invision my idea I have in my head.  Should I have'd … Continue reading Things are starting to feel real. …