Wedding Venue’s

Hunting for wedding venues this weekend was such a rush.  I mean literally went from one place to another in 15mins!

Below are the main things we are after:
◾We know that we want ceremony and reception in the one place.
◾We know that we have a budget of x amount.
◾Great flexibility on adding and swapping things on menus or any extras
◾Facilities to accommodate the elderly.
◾Of course the date

So with that in mind I have been able to scratch out a few places.

Most places only hold your date for 7 days and with our busy schedule it had been one though challenge.
I really wished i had a wedding planner but we can’t afford one so researching is up to us. Should this be fun?  I don’t know how some brides do it but sometimes I feel I can’t be bothered its just to hard.
We have a few more places next weekend but I feel we are close!
Either way wherever we get married it’ll be a perfect day/night.
Fingers crossed x


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