Why Start Bloggin?

I was asked today why all of a sudden these pictures on instagram? Good question.
I used to use instagram just like Facebook. But after being on instagram I’ve noticed alot of extravagant fashions and statement peices that simple a mum like me can’t afford.  I mean i can afford them but it’ll probably be a months wage lol.
So i thought I’d showcase my daily outfits that middle income mums can afford.  Also some really good quality finds that might cost a little more but are worth every penny.
Ladies & gents, don’t feel that finding samples or seconds on Ebay is bad.  I have found some great bargins on factory seconds or samples.
I hope I give ladies out there a little inspiration, that you can feel luxurious on a mummy budget 💜


Top #Kmart $15
Faux leather Pants #zara $49
Heels #wittner $40
Bag #colettebycolettehayman $40


Dress #Target $20
Heels #Big W $15
Scarf #bejeweled4me $20
Top #Coles $10

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