The Beginning of a New Chapter

My man certainly pulled out all the cards for popping the “question”. When your two boys are involved and they managed to keep it a surprise….was mind blowing!  Kids keeping a secret, lets just say I was speechless.
From my fiancé not being an overally romantic person to someone who had designed the ring from scratch with the help from Temelli Jewellery, to putting together a surprise party in two days. …im glad it happened the way it did.


Ok so now ‘What to do next?’

Because it was a surprise engagement party the next thing to plan is the actual wedding.  Where do you start? 

I must admit, people were asking me when the date of the big day will be……i hadn’t even started to think that far ahead yet! I felt a little pressured.
All i knew was that my fiancé and i wanted our closest friends and family to be part of our day and that we wanted it simple and no long gaps inbetween ceremony and reception.  WELL its a start to type in Google and see what it comes up with.

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